Friday, September 19, 2014

Do the Monster Patch...

When you live on a budget, or just the one income like my family does, you tend to find creative ways to remain frugal without sacrificing a whole lot.  One way my family saves is to buy used.  Every so often, someone will gift you a big bag of kid's clothes that may or may not be wearable.  We tend to get a lot of jeans with holes in the knees handed down to us.  My son has no problem wearing jeans with holes in them, but as the temperatures begin to drop, I want to make sure every part of my kids stays warm......even their knees!  One day I was scouring Pinterest for creative DIY ideas, and I came across a pin for these adorable monster knee patches.  I had originally pinned it for my 14 year old sister-in-law because I thought she'd love them, but realized that I have a little monster who'd love them equally.  So I grabbed the pants, grabbed my embroidery floss, grabbed some felt, and got to work!

I grabbed a pair of the free jeans I was given for my son.  Besides the whole in the knee (which part of me thinks was intentional), these jeans are in great shape.

I grabbed blue and white felt.  The blue is for the inside of the mouth, the white for the teeth.  You can use any colors, but blue is my son's favorite color.  I cut zig zags in the white to look like teeth.  Don't flip out if they aren't straight (mine aren't).  Monsters do not have straight teeth!

There were some loose threads, so I trimmed around the hole just a little bit.  After I took the picture, I ended up making the whole just a tad bit bigger so you could really see the teeth.

With the embroidery floss, I hand stitched the felt into place.  I went at this blind since I couldn't see the back of my work, so I apologize for it being crooked!  I also made two X's for the eyes.  When my son (who is 4) woke up this morning, he went crazy over his cool "new" pants!  I think this is an adorable, creative way to fix up old jeans.  I wonder if my soon-to-be 10 year old would like this too?
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