Monday, September 15, 2014

No Real Sense of Direction

I'm by no means "new" to the world of blogging.  I've had 2 blogs in the past, one of which I would consider somewhat successful.  However, it's pretty easy to lose yourself and your sense of direction.  I have taken about a year off from my blogs.  This has given me time to focus elsewhere in my life, but then you risk losing your footing in the blog world.  So here I am again.  It's just after 9am......I'm sitting at my kitchen table, windows open, nice cool pre-autumn breeze coming through the window, pumpkin wax melting in front of me, coffee still smoking hot, my oldest is already off to school, my youngest has just come stumbling out of his room with his new birthday present in hand.......and I'm ready to get started again!  I have no clue where this blog journey is going to take me this time, but I'm excited to see.  Hopefully you will find some humor and joy in my journey to figure out myself, raise my kids without screwing them up too badly, manage my household and finances, and make my husband as happy as I possibly can. we go!

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