Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Chicken Debate

Over the past few months, I have been doing a lot of research into raising backyard hens.  The benefits, for my family, outweighs most of the cons associated with having hens.  Healthy food supply from my backyard, free fertilizer for my garden, and something to get the kids outdoors so that they can learn responsibility and life cycles.  I am ready to raise my own hens.....there's just one city doesn't allow it.  I live in a small municipality in suburbs of St. Louis.  The city itself allows backyard hens, and a good number of municipalities in my county allow backyard hens.  My city, however, does not.  The mayor claims there isn't enough interest (which is far from the truth).  Over the past month or two, I've become friends with quite a few people in my area who are pushing for the same thing, the right to have chickens!  Missouri is a right to farm state (which is still unclear to most of the residents what exactly that means for backyard farming).  If you have never been to Missouri, it's basically a bunch of farmland, with a few urban cities like St. Louis and Kansas City.........but when I say it's mainly me on that one!  We have a petition (CLICK HERE TO SIGN!) going around just to get the mayor to listen to us, and hear us out......because it seems whenever the topic is brought up, those who oppose the idea, shoot it down, cover it up, or more recently, delete the Facebook discussions/comments about the topic!  I am still searching for people who have gone through this fight and came out successful to help our city out.  But in the meantime, I'm still researching chickens that would be the best to raise in my backyard (one day).

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