Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweatpants and Divorce

Last night as I was surfing the web (yes, people still "surf the web", well, I do anyways) for trivia questions, I came across a story about the #1 cause of divorce.......sweatpants!  Yep.  Of all the things that one could want to divorce a person for, it's gotta be sweatpants.  At least that's what Eva Mendes said (fingers crossed it was a joke people).  As I read the headline, I looked over at my husband, and his sweatpants, who was looking at me, and my sweatpants.  "We're doomed" he said to me!  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd think money or unfaithfulness would be top contenders for that #1 spot.  Obviously this story has no merit, nor can it be taken seriously.....but for the fun of it, let's act like it does!  Ladies and gentleman, toss your sweatpants out before it lands you in divorce court!  Comfort must not be tolerated in your marriage!  Won't my husband be furious if he comes home to all of his sweatpants tossed out in the trash (muahahahaha)!  What would cause you to divorce your spouse?  Would one thing do it?  Or would it have to be a series of things?  Or is divorce something that is just not fathomable for you?

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