Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boys will be Boys

Yesterday the little boy next door and his friend (who are about 7-8 years old), asked my kids to come over and play.  Okay, go play......have fun......leave me alone for 30 minutes!  As I'm standing in the kitchen preparing dinner (looking over our backyard and the neighbor's)....I notice one of the boys (not our neighbor who is a very nice young man), drill my son in the back with a soccer ball.  I stepped outside to observe since I had heard him taunting my FOUR YEAR OLD son and saying mean things to him (I believe in letting kids handle their own little a certain point though).  As I stood there watching, he started playing nice (he knew I was on to him).  I stepped inside the backdoor watching him from my garden window.......the kid grabs his ball, jumps up, and drills my son in his forehead.......right in his goose egg (he fell and nailed his forehead two days ago leaving what my mom calls a "goose egg").  I walked outside, called my kids home.....walked up to the fence.....and in a calm, teacher-like voice (even though I was screaming inside), told this 8 year old boy that my son was only 4 years old.........half his age.  And while he might have thought it was funny to hurt him, it was incredibly mean.  I then asked him if his mom would be okay if I told her what he was doing......he just looked down.  What I really wanted to do was grab his soccer ball and drill him in his forehead (How'd ya like that punk!  Funny now?).  At what point, as a parent, do you step in to help your children with their little "battles"?  Do you intervene at the first sign of name calling?  Or do you wait for a physical altercation?  I don't think these boys understand that he's just out of his toddler years, and hasn't even started school yet.  Thoughts?

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