Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Well, it's Easter Sunday.  That means my kids and nephew have had more sugar than one should ever really eat, the house was clean for a whole hour this morning, and of course, we had family over.  My husband and I, we love to be around family.....but whenever you have family, plus the stress of a holiday, there is sure to be some sort of trouble.  We often joke that it's not a true holiday unless there's an argument........which more often than not is true.  Admit it, you've had your fair share of family/holiday arguments!  It's once everyone has left, and the dishes are still soaking, you realize that even though you might want to ring a neck or couldn't imagine your life without your family.  Ok........enough sappy sentiments from me.  I've got a chicken update for you.  Tomorrow a new friend of mine is going to present an ordinance proposal to the board of alderman in hopes that they one day will allow us to raise hens.  I think if some of the aldermen vote no, we take some free range, fresh eggs from a backyard farmer and make them omelettes!  Wish us luck.  This is the first big step in our chicken fight.  I'm sure we'll have lots of opposition, but I have faith.      

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