Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Chicken Battle Continues.....

Last night my friend John and I presented our ordinance proposal to Planning & Zoning.  It went about as well as the first presentation, but we were met with our first taste of opposition.  Yikes!  I was nervous until I reviewed the information that was presented to the board....then I felt a little bit of relief.  I'm not saying what she presented was wrong, because some of it was true.....chickens should not be taken lightly......however, it seemed that her agenda was more of a fear driven one.  Our proposal has been "tabled" for the next meeting where it will be discussed again.  So, for now at least, I will continue to educate residents here in my city about the pros and cons of chickens (as opposed to instilling fear, or creating this false dream of a perfect chicken with no problems).  And as always, wish me luck!

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