Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deciding to Homeschool

As the school year begins to wrap up, I have to wonder, did my child learn to her full potential?  Was she challenged enough?  Has she retained important knowledge and life skills?  My daughter has received outstanding grades this year, but I'm almost certain I can answer no to those questions.  My daughter attends a local public school.  Her old school, in the same district, closed down two years ago because of budget cuts.  She enjoys her new school.  They do some fun activities for the children and their families.  They also started a school garden this year (which we have been busy helping out in!).  The school and district are ranked in the top tier for the state.....but I still wonder, is it a good fit for my kid?  There are 4 categories of students in school (which I know a little about from my own experience in the grade school system).....the children who are having a little trouble learning, and are offered extra help.....the children who are slightly above average, not in need of extra help from the teacher, but not quite to the level were they are considered "gifted"......and then of course, the gifted students, who get bused off once or twice a week in order to do higher level learning and activities.  Two of these groups get all of the attention, while the rest are left to their own devices, and more often than not, aren't being pushed to unlock their true potential.  That is where my daughter falls.  Last year she was tested for the gifted program, she missed the score needed by 1%.  By all measures, my daughter is brilliant (and by brilliant, I mean book smart......let's not discuss common sense!).  She wants to study rocks and become a geologist one day, she even has an extensive rock collection, including a case full of rocks and minerals from a local university!  There is so much potential that we have yet to see from her........has the public school system failed her?  Would she be better off as a homeschool student?  This summer has a lot of thought and questioning before question is, which way should we go?

If you homeschool, or have in the past, I'd appreciate any input.

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