Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer is Finally Here!

Monday was Memorial Day.....the unofficial start of summer.....but also the day that we (my family) remember the family members who are no longer with us, who served our country with grace, honor, and dignity.  Tuesday was my daughter's last day of school (seriously, they went ONE day this week!).  That means summer is finally here!  Lots of changes in our household this summer.  For one, we had to take our foster doggy back to the shelter......he tore up our couch, and seemed to not enjoy sharing all of the love and affection with our fur baby.  He has since found his forever family and hopefully is getting all of the belly rubs he needs!  We also decided to homeschool, so right now I'm working on gathering up supplies, resources, and creating a plan for the next school year.  Is it me, or do we as parents have much higher expectations for our kids than schools do (my kid is going to think I'm one hard teacher).  I am also in the final stretch of our chicken fight.  City hall seems to think it's a laughing matter (I mean, they charge you $250 just to have this heard by the p&z board....who also thought this was a joke, and shot it down fairly quickly).  I'm trying to not give up though!  In other about the Duggars?  I for one, am a huge fan of 19 Kids and Counting, and the Duggar Family.  I will say, I am shocked over the current news of the oldest son, Josh, and what occurred 12 years ago.  Not to be controversial, but I will say this, many of celebrities have had sex scandals, or have been accused of something as serious as molestation or rape.  Yet, people rally behind them.  People believe that they are truly innocent, or had a lapse in judgement.  Consider this, as I walked down my high school's hallway, countless times I saw young boys, teenagers, grabbing girls in private areas, only for the girls to look over, and have no clue who touched them.  We have created a society that idolizes such things.  Teenagers who have no respect for themselves, or others.  If he was just another teenage boy, well.......boys will be boys.  Since we were not present, and no one but the parties involved will ever truly know the full story, or how it was handled, can we safely assume that he was dealt with, received help, and has since become a productive member of society?  Let's be honest could have been ignored, it could have been worse, he could have gone down a darker path with no return.  As for the victims......I understand there were 5.  I have read many different things, but most of the stories say that 4 of them were his own sisters.  Let's be thankful that the girls also received help, and that such an experience did not cause them lifelong pain.  From what I understand, they have forgiven him (Josh).  Lastly, let's stop persecuting this family, we can't be so hypocritical to think it's ok for one person to behave in such a manner, but not another person.  And there is my 2 cents on the topic.....that is all I've got to say about that!  Anyways............let's enjoy some summertime fun!

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