Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saving Money and Making Money

Yep, I made that!
Being a stay at home mom can be a financial strain at times.  However, it's something I wouldn't trade for the world.  Staying at home with my two kids has allowed me to homeschool and put more focus into my home and family.  Every family is different, and for mine, this is what works.  I like to pride myself on being a pretty frugal gal, but there are times I wish there was just a little extra income somewhere.  A few years ago, I got into doing a wide variety of rewards sites.  Some of them had very little reward, while others were so incredibly easy.  After trial and error, I narrowed it down to three sites that have helped me earn the most, instaGCSwagbucksBing Rewards.  All three of these sites are incredibly easy to use, and have earned me a lot of free Amazon gift cards!

Yes, this clip art is for sale!
In regards to selling items, there are several ways to earn an extra buck or two.  In the past, I have made headbands and tutus to sell.  While I do enjoy making these items, getting quality supplies can  be costly, and it is time consuming.  However, the reward is great!  You can easily double your investment.  However, if you are going to make items to sell, make sure they are quality.  You wouldn't want to make a poorly made item, and then slap your name on it.  My daughter and her friend made tile coasters to sell at craft shows last year.  They were cheap to make, and so much fun to customize!  Since I started homeschooling this year, finding low cost and free curriculum was at the top of my list.  However, finding good quality worksheets and study guides that meet what we are learning.....that has been a challenge.  I have resorted to making my own!  I am able to take what I create for my own children, and sell them for a low cost on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This has allowed me to turn around and purchase worksheets that I am in need of, while supplying more of a variety to others.  I have also started making my own clip art to use as well.

Every so often, when I find the energy, I go through all of our belongings and have a garage sale, or sell the kid's clothing at a Just Between Friends sale.  Another way I have helped to create an income for our home is to sell my services (get your mind out of the gutter folks!).  Babysitting, cleaning homes, yard work, tutoring, music lessons.......these are all things that are simple, and can help you to generate funds for your home.

At one point (when I worked full time), I was an Avon rep.  I enjoyed it very much, but I didn't have the time to invest into building a client base.  Right now, I am looking into possibly becoming a direct sales rep once again.  Direct sales can be so much fun and rewarding, even if you aren't the sales person.  You can seek out sales reps, and ask to host a party.  Most of these companies offer free product to you when you host a party, and reach a certain level in sales.  It's a fun way to hang out with your friends, and earn free goodies!  I am still learning ways to help out any way I can, while still trying to teach and maintain our home.  What are some ways you have helped earn an income?

Last year, we took our family on our first family vacation ever!  We spent six days driving from our home in Missouri, all the way to South Carolina!  We made lots of stops along the way, and many memories.  However, none of it would have been possible if not for my frugal planning.  I hit up Groupon to check out if there was any deals for restaurants, hotels, or activities.  We were able to take a private charter to go shelling on an island for about half the cost it would have normally cost us!  We also used Hotels.com to help us find great deals on hotels where we were staying!

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