Thursday, August 6, 2015

Homeschool: Pre-Colonial U.S. History

To start out our homeschooling year, my 5th grader and I are starting at the beginning.  It's amazing just how little she knew from her 6 years of traditional schooling, about how our country was formed.  Our school year will be spent developing our nation, so to speak.  We have started out with the Bering Straight Theory, and have moved on to European exploration and colonization.  As I flipped through the history curriculum, I was amazed at how little detail was given, and how some of the most important events were left out completely.  I mean, can you honestly expect our kids to believe that Columbus found America.....and that's where it all started.  Eventually they'll begin to ask more complicated, if Columbus founded America, then why were there people here already?  Does this go against most of what is traditionally taught in public schools, possibly, but at least my daughter will know that there is more than what we are told as young children.  We came up with a pre-colonial timeline to help pin-point the more important events for the development of our country.  I'm still working on trying to take what the history curriculum I purchased has to offer, but expand on that a bit further.  Wish us luck!

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