Sunday, August 23, 2015

Santa isn't real.......

Today I was sitting in the car with my 4 year old son and nephew as we waited for my husband and daughter to finish up registering for a youth bowling league.  In a low, soft voice from the backseat, all of the sudden, I hear, "Santa isn't real......."  What!  What do you mean Santa isn't real?  My 4 year old son just told me Santa, yes, the Santa Claus, St. Nicholas himself was not a real person.  I'm not gonna lie, there was a small part of me that wanted to cry!  How could this little person not think Santa is real?  I asked him why he would think or say something like that.....did someone tell him the big secret?  I sat there as he explained that he just knew this, and how I really bought him the cool Play-Doh set that Santa supposedly bought him.  I spent the rest of the ride home pondering just what I would respond with.  Would I give him the "Santa lives in all of us" speech that I had to give my 10 year old, or would I plea with him that there is a Santa, and that he's wrong?  As I sit here planning out our week of homeschooling, my son climbs up next to me to chat.  He looks at me (with his big beautiful hazel eyes), and asks, "Is Santa really real"?  I responded, "Do you believe there is a Santa"?  "Yes I do mommy.  I think he's just super magic, and that he just knew what I wanted from Wal-Mart."  Crisis averted!    So, for the time being, the magic of Santa lives on in our humble household.

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