Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Stroke" of Luck

Wow, I feel so bad, neglecting my little blog for so long, but we've been very busy lately.  This June, my dad suffered his second stroke.  Luckily, the impact of this stroke was very minor......because of my daughter.  Last year, after my father-in-law suffered a stroke, my daughter set out to find out why this not only happened to her Papa (my father-in-law), but her Grandpa (my dad) almost 2 years earlier.  She decided that would be her science fair project.  She worked on this project from September until April of this year (almost 8 months!).  However, when she went to ask her teacher for aid on finalizing her project, she was told it was a bad project idea, and she should start over with a new one.......keep in mind, this was in month before the science fair, and almost 7 months into her research.  My determined child, in so many words, said "screw her, I'm not giving up.......I don't need her help anyways" (at this time, we were on the fence about homeschooling, and this helped us greatly in our decision).  Fast forward to June, my dad is suffering his 2nd stroke......and wouldn't luck have it, my daughter, who has since become a pro in the science of strokes, was able to notice the signs of a stroke almost immediately.  We called for help, and the hospital was able to administer the clot busting medicine in record time (and this is a hospital that specializes in strokes).  A month later, we begin to receive phone calls from several media outlets.......the hospital was so impressed, they contacted some local news outlets who covered my daughter's story.......and then that caught the eye of national news outlets, like Fox & Friends!  Yep, my kid did it......she made it onto national TV (her big goal in life).......just for doing the right thing.

What the news doesn't cover, is that since then, my dad has suffered his 3rd stroke, which he is currently in rehab for.  The effects were more harsh this time around, but he is doing well.  However, trying to talk a 62 year old Marine vet into some sort of lifestyle and dietary change is like dressing my 4 year old son in all white, and expecting him to not get dirty!

If you notice someone might be having a stroke, it is imperative that you call 9-11 immediately.  Time means everything when it comes to a stroke.

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