Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prepping for Kindergarten

Last year I made my son a tracing binder so he could work on his writing.  With so many different things to learn before he starts kindergarten this "fall", we put off handwriting.  We focused more on letter recognition versus the actual writing of them. 
At kindergarten orientation, we were given a workbook full of things he will be learning once he starts school......not one page had handwriting worksheets!  So, alas, I turned to my own sheets that I made last year for Teachers Pay Teachers.
When my daughter was prepping for kindergarten, reading and writing came easy for her.  For my son, this has been the most challenging thing.  Math on the other hand (addition and patterns), was a piece of cake (mmmmm, cake!).  I'm now taking to Pinterest to find more creative ways to spark my son's learning!

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