Monday, August 15, 2016

Kids are back in school!

"What's this? What's this?
No children everywhere,
What's this?
No yelling for them to share,
What's this?
I can't believe my eyes,
I must be dreaming,
Wake up, Mom their gone I swear,
What's this?"

Our start to the school year was actually last Thursday.  I know what you're thinking....Thursday?  What the heck?  I don't bother asking how they figure these start dates out anymore!  This year my daughter started 6th grade, and my baby.....started kindergarten.  Ladies and gents, this is the first time, in 6 years, that I have been able to put the kids on the bus, and just breathe.  Last week I was so busy, that I didn't get to enjoy the fact that I was absolutely alone.  Alone!  Sorry, I just had to say it again!  I've got a list of things I plan on accomplishing this school year now that both kids are gone for almost 8 hours Monday - Friday.  First on my list, take advantage of being able to clean my house, without a child right behind me messing it up.  I know putting a kid into kindergarten can be stressful for a lot of moms, and truthfully, I was nervous that first day, but now, now I can finally breathe!  What are your plans now that the kids are going back to school?

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